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Why Us?

Business transformation is an ongoing process. It can be daunting, time consuming, and disruptive. Ever tried changing a flat tire while moving on the highway? This is the kind of challenge that businesses face and where FastMora feels most comfortable operating.

Our approach is immersive, collaborative, and always guided by data and analysis. The ultimate measure of our success is when an organisation continues to create positive change after we are finished.

Why transform with FastMora?

Startup mindset

Our success is driven by innovation thinking, agile and open collaboration, and data discipline. We codified our experience working in startup environments to make it available for all kinds and sizes of organisations. We bring it with us. You get to keep it.


Don't be confused by the word "fast". We audit the evidence, prepare a co-ideation engagement to unpack possibilities for a pilot program, gather data, and model success. By doing this, our treatments serve as a primers for future rollouts at scale.

Agile strategy

We apply, measure, and optimise strategic thinking on the go. It creates a robust platform to build on. The methods listed in our "How" section are examples of agile strategy.

Design thinking-led

We always put your customers at the center of our thinking. Every tool and exercise is designed to help you do the same.